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Contemporary art

The Reggia and the Gardens dialogue with contemporary artworks by great masters, in a perfect balance of ancient and modern.
Il Giardino delle Sculture Fluide di Giuseppe Penone

La Venaria Reale Contemporary Art Production

Life at Court by Peter Greenaway

Peopling the Palaces, the site-specific multimedia installation created by Peter Greenaway, illustrates life at court through the faces and voices of famous Italian actors. Room 1, rooms 9 and 10, rooms 28 and 29.

The Paper Court by Isabelle de Borchgrave

Silk, velvet, lace, embroidery: the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave has created thirteen spectacular gowns and attires using the most ephemeral of materials, paper.
The display, located on the staircase leading to the Church of St. Hubert, celebrates elegance in the 18th century, which marked the peak of magnificence at the Court of Savoy. 

Music for the Great Gallery by Brian Eno

The sound installation Music for the Great Gallery was created by Brian Eno specifically for this spectacular space. The English composer played with the grandiosity, the light and the reverberations of the Gallery to create an electronic piece with violin and piano in 12 movements. The sound flows out of four perfectly hidden speakers and the visitors find themselves immersed for more than one hour into a sound environment that changes as they move through the gallery.

Tuesday to Friday, h 10.30 and 15.30.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: h 10.30 and 18.30

The square lights up by Michele De Lucchi

Piazza della Repubblica, with its famous paving patterns that recall sea waves, lights up with the lamp-posts designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Piano concerto no.2 by Michael Nyman

A Celebration for Venaria Reale, the work written by the English composer Michael Nyman for the Gardens of La Venaria Reale, is the soundtrack of the video installation that presents the restoration project for the Reggia and the Gardens in room 56.

Closer to the stars with Giovanni Anselmo

In the middle of Juvarra's Grand Parterre, six slabs of African Black granite are positioned on the ground along a North-South line. They bear the inscription “Dove le stelle si avvicinano di una spanna in più” (Where the stars come one span closer), the title of Giovanni Anselmo’s installation. Visitors can step onto the slabs to gaze at the stars from a little closer.

The Fluid Sculptures and “Anaphora” by Giuseppe Penone

Inspired by the 17th century squared pattern of the Lower Park, the Garden of Fluid Sculptures by Giuseppe Penone extends over 500 meters (around 1.750,00 feet) with 14 sculptures that punctuate a journey through the mineral, vegetal and human worlds.

In continuity with the imposing installations of the Garden of Fluid Sculptures, inaugurated in 2007, ten years later Giuseppe Penone created Anaphora, another series of seven smaller sculptures in the nearby recently restored niches of the Castellamonte Wall in the Lower Park.


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