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Find out about the exhibition Defying the Baroque and buy your tickets.

Defying the Baroque 

Tickets for the exhibition Defying the Baroque includes admission to the Savoy Bucentaur:

  • Full ticket: 14 euros
  • Discounted: 10 euros
    Groups of at least 6,max. 12 people, other categories eligible for discounts
  • Discounted: 8 euros
    Young visitors aged 6 to 20 and University students under 26
  • Schools: 5 euros per student
    Groups of at least 12 students, free admission for 2 adults every 27 students
  • Free
    Children under the age of 6 and other categories eligible for free admission 

Admissions every 30 minutes: maximum of 40 visitors.


Buy your ticket on line

Reservations for groups

The ticket must be purchased online

For information and reservations: ph. + 39 011 4992333


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