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Location rental

Are you looking for the perfect setting for an important press conference or a gala dinner, an original and unusual location for an event or a fashion show, an evocative set for a film or a photo shoot?

Only a few kilometers outside Turin, the Reggia di Venaria offers a wealth of prestigious spaces for all sorts of events: the Great Gallery, Juvarra’s architectural masterpiece, the exquisite Alfieri Gallery, the sumptuous Church of St. Hubert, the imposing Court of Honor, the splendid Gardens and many more.

In addition to location rental, you can also treat your guests to an unforgettable and exclusive tour of the Reggia, an out-of-hours experience that can be arranged to suit your specific needs.  

At La Venaria Reale the shops and restaurants are also available to book or plan an aperitif, a cocktail party, a mid-afternoon snack or a wonderful dinner in a magical atmosphere for a unique and marvelous experience.


For information and reservations at our restaurants and cafés:  [email protected]


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