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The Royal Stables

The Bucentaur and the Royal Carriages
Permanent Exhibitions

All opening days of the Royal Palace.

Juvarra's Stables, marking the end of the Reggia's permanent display, are one of Venaria's most imposing spaces and a superb example of European Baroque architecture.

The Stables are home to the splendid Bucentaur commissioned by Vittorio Amedeo II between 1729 and 1731 and crafted in Venice, the only remaining of its kind.
Today it is presented in a brand new staging that incudes videos, lights and music, and the boat is "armed" in full with mast, oars and sails.

The Bucentaur and the Carriages are presented together as part of the activities hosted in the Royal Stables that concerned the travels of the Sovereign and his train.

The exhibition was conceived and organized by Consorzio La Venaria Reale.

The Bucentaur is a long-term loan to the Venaria estate from Fondazione Torino Musei - Museo Civico d'Arte Antica di Palazzo Madama in Turin.

It was restored by the La Venaria Reale Conservation and Restoration Center with the support of Consulta per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Artistici e Culturali di Torino.

The carriages are on loan from Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome and Museo della Carrozze di Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

Scientific project by Andrea Merlotti and Silvia Ghisotti in collaboration with Marco Lattanzi e Fausta Navarro.

Display concept and staging design curated by Gianfranco Gritella, project manager Giovanni Tironi.

The video Verso l’Unità: sovrani, città e popolo is by Carlo Miano, B-play.

The original music was composed by Marco Robino, Architorti.

Juvarra Stables.
All opening days. Check them on Opening Hours page.


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