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Research CenterActivities of the Study and Research Center

The Study and Research Center of the Reggia di Venaria, directed by the historian Andrea Merlotti, promotes and engages in research on Italian and European Courts with a focus on the House of Savoy. These activities include the organization of conferences and the publication of volumes in collections that are printed by the Reggia and other collaborating institutions.

The Study and Research Center is also in charge of managing cultural relations between the Reggia di Venaria and other major Italian and European residences and estates, also in the context of the European Royal Residences Association (ARRE). Since 2009 the Center is a member of the Court Studies Forum, the international organization that brings together the world’s main centers on the history of Royal Courts (including the Centre de recherche du Château de Versailles, the Centro studi “Europa delle Corti” of Florence, the center “La Corte en Europa” of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, and The Society for Court Studies of London). 

In the framework of the activities for the Reggia, the Center contributes to the definition and the organization of exhibitions, works in collaboration with the Educational Services Department in projects for secondary schools, and coordinates dissemination initiatives, through ad-hoc publications as well as through the cycle of conferences Conversazioni a Corte, a series of cultural events that began in 2009. 

The updates on the activities of the Study Center available on this website are also curated by the Center.

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