#noveparole. 5 - Infinity | La Venaria Reale

#noveparole. 5 - Infinity

Gian Luca Favetto tells the history and the achitecture of the Reggia di Venaria in a journey throughout nine words.

Nine stages, nine ideas and nine spaces take you on a journey through the Palace, seen from a new perspective. More than just a tour of a stately home, this is story of the Reggia and of the emotions and ideas it evokes. It is many things: a building, a residence, an urban design project, a metaphor, a Utopia and a symbol of power. It is the fruit of a vision whose stratification of styles and eras remains true to every period of history that has passed through its walls.

Words are small things, but they contain images, some of them immense. They hold emotions and sentiments which are infinite, and indefinable. They hold the past and the future, weaving stories in which we can see ourselves.

These nine words are like an archipelago of islands, waiting for you to explore.

Idea and voice: Gian Luca Favetto
Graphic design: Leandro Agostini
Editing: Gianluca Negro
A project by the Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude


At a certain point on this journey into a world of different styles, eras, rooms, halls and stories, after a series of information and surprises, all of a sudden you have the unexpected sensation that inside this Palace is the gateway to infinity...

It is not just a question of space. It is also about time, wonder and silence. There is something almost cosmic, luminous, that demands quiet.

You feel as though you are contemplating the universe, but not as you see it in satellite pictures or at the cinema; this is not 2001 A Space Odyssey where all is dark, black and empty. This is bright and full, of air and light. Lightness, in fact.

This is the effect of the Great Gallery, designed by Filippo Juvarra with an endless series of columns, marble, diamond shake, stuccos, large windows and dazzling whiteness. It gives a palpable sense of celebration, splendour, playfulness and joy with all the power of a contemporary art installation.

It gives an idea of rarefaction and levity, that has something to do with the soul, perhaps.

You can learn and reel off all the statistics about the Venaria: the Palace covers 118,000 m2 and contains 196,000 m2 of stuccos and plasterwork with 35,000 m2 of façades and 1,600 m2 of frescoes. The visitor itinerary is 2 km long, and the Gardens cover 80 hectares. The numbers say something about this place, it is true, but by the time you leave the Reggia, you will have learned its real secret: it is a place of infinity.


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