Collection | La Venaria Reale


The origin of the collection

The collection of the Reggia di Venaria was created thanks to the loans and donations granted, with generous and solidarity, from the other Savoy residences, from museums and cultural institutions, banks and private collectors. It is made up of over five hundred works, some true masterpieces, including paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture, chandeliers, carpets, flags, silver, snuff boxes, clocks and musical instruments. Many of the works have been specially restored by the La Venaria Reale Cultural Enhancement Consortium (now the Consortium of the Royal Savoy Residences), at the La Venaria Reale Conservation and Restoration Center.

Matteo Calderoni ed Egidio Gioel - XVIII Century
Manifattura tedesca, francese, inglese e svizzera - XVIII Century
Scultore attivo alla Corte sabauda - XVI Century
Simone Martinez - XVIII Century
Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo - XVIII Century
Carlo Balbino e Pietro Borrani - XIX Century
Giovanni Battista Bagnasacco e Giovanni Comandù - XVIII Century
Intagliatore piemontese - XVIII Century
Pietro Piffetti - XVIII Century
Luigi Prinotto su disegno di Pietro Domenico Olivero - XVIII Century
Manifattura di Bruxelles - XVII Century
Jan Miel - XVII Century
Maestro delle Residenze sabaude (Giovanni Battista Abret?) - XVII Century