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Green. A year full of art, stories and discoveries for more sustainable times

In 2021, the Reggia of Venaria offers events, initiatives and ideas for a year dedicated to nature, marked by the passing of the seasons.

The scheduled events will guide visitors on a journey through art, history and nature, with sustainability as the leitmotif – an aspect that the Consortium of the Royal Savoy Residences has long been supporting through the adoption of responsible management models – along with the enhancement of the relationship between Man and the environment.

The Reggia of Venaria has made important management and technological choices which placed it at the top of the Italian ranking of cultural heritage sites for its consideration of environmental issues and among the most efficient sites in terms of energy management.

Such commitment has been so significant that the Reggia of Venaria decided to make this aspect the leitmotif of the cultural programme which includes a series of activities specifically designed for this purpose. These will include artistic performances and themed events which will culminate in the great summer exhibition dedicated to landscape ‘Infinite beauty’. The programme will also offer workshops, educational events, guided tours and other opportunities to increase knowledge and awareness of the relationship between our society and the ecosystem.



In a year dedicated to environmental issues, nature and sustainability, the passing of the seasons was chosen as the central theme.

The events and the cultural initiatives follow a chronological order in four periods: Largo to SpringPresto is SummerAdagio in AutumnAllegro in Winter.

In every season, a wide range of activities will take place, divided into four types: SognareGreen (DreamGreen), with shows, music, dance and theatrical performances combining arts and nature; ScoprireGreen (DiscoverGreen), with themed guided tours, performances, meetings, lectures and conferences to get to know the sustainable side of the Reggia and to explore the relationship between man and nature; CreareGreen (CreateGreen), with handicraft workshops to better understand sustainability such as recycling, pruning trees, creating artworks and designing the landscape; VivereGreen (LiveGreen), with events related to well-being, to offer and promote a more sustainable lifestyle along with the goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.


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