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The Royal Apartments

The Royal Apartments

The Apartments of Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy and Rosa Vercellana (“Bela Rosin”), consisting of more than 20 rooms.

Appartamenti reali del Castello della Mandria - Sala di pranzo

The Royal Apartments are fully furbished and contain precious objects, artworks, textiles, furniture and furnishings from ancient Savoy collections that allow visitors to appreciate the taste of the first king of Italy. 

The decorations and furniture were chosen by the Court Architect Domenico Ferri, who opted for figurative patterns that have been perfectly preserved in the various rooms.

The rooms that make up the Royal Apartments of the Castle are home to the rich collections commissioned by Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy and have been completely refurnished according to archival documentation. 

Thanks to extraordinary funding, more than 100 art masterpieces, 1200 square meters of decorations, 60 pieces of furniture, 130 square meters of previous textiles and 80 square meters of elegant wallpaper have been completely restored.




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