History in brief | La Venaria Reale
Veduta aerea dei Giardini - Ph. Dario Fusaro

History in brief

Considering the dire conditions of the Gardens of Venaria in the late 1990s – when not a trace remained of the original 17th-18th century layout - the result that you see today is prodigious.

The complex restoration project has led to an unprecedented reconstruction of the landscape with its historical marks, with an eye towards modern aesthetics and practical considerations.

The young Gardens of Venaria were inaugurated in 2007. Like teenagers entering a crucial phase of life, their distinctive features are starting to burgeon and their characteristic layout is becoming more evident: the process of natural evolution provides a unique experience that knows no parallel among the great historical gardens in Europe. A tour of the Gardens is always full of surprises, no matter how many times you have been to the estate.

In addition to a stroll or a guided tour with didactic activities, the trackless train Diana’s Arrow provides delightful alternatives to explore the Gardens.


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