The Hall of Diana | La Venaria Reale

The Hall of Diana

The Hall of Diana lies at the heart of the Palace by the same name, where visitors once arrived after crossing the entrance yard and the court of honor.

Sala di Diana


Immediately below are seven of the original twelve huge equestrian portraits of the Dukes of Savoy and their courtiers by various painters. 
In the lower register are ten paintings by Jan Miel on the theme of the hunt (hunting the stagthe harethe bear the foxthe wild boarthe death of the stagthe woodsthe gathering before the huntthe chasethe curea or curing after the kill).

In the 17th century, sumptuous receptions and balls were organized in the Hall of Diana, which lies at the crossroads of Castellamonte’s perspective view that starts from the old town center to the east and continues across the hall and 1,5 km to the west into the Gardens. It also marks the middle point of the line that runs from the start of Via Maestra in the old town center of Venaria to the end of the Central Alley in the Gardens, where the Temple of Diana once stood.


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