La Venaria Reale in Figures | La Venaria Reale

La Venaria Reale in Figures

Discover La Venaria Reale through its curious and interesting numbers:

·  950,000 square meters area covered by the Reggia, the Gardens and the outbuildings

·  118,000 square meters of surface area

·  512,000 cubic meters

·  196,000 square meters of stucco and plaster work

·  35,000 square meters of façades

·  30,000 square meters of interior flooring

·  4,750 tons of paving

·  1,600 square meters of frescoes

·  14,800 meters of decorative frames

·  1,300 meters of balustrades

·  100 water jets shooting up to 9 meters in height in the Water Theater at the Fountain of the Stag

·  almost 2,000 meters in length for the permanent display

·  60 hectares of restored Gardens

·  170,000 new plants

·  10 hectares of vegetable gardens and orchards in Italy’s largest Potager

·  11 million liters of water in the Great Pond of the Gardens, 250 meters long and 50 meters wide

·  ½ kilometer in a straight line down Via Maestra, the main street in the old town center

·  more than 6,500 hectares of land in the Park of La Mandria

·  35 km of boundary walls around the Park of La Mandria

·  30,000 square meters of floor surface in the Borgo Castello of La Mandria


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