Twinning with the Castle of Chambord | La Venaria Reale

Twinning with the Castle of Chambord

La Venaria Reale and the Domaine national de Chambord, the famous castle and estate in the Loire region (France), have entered into a partnership that aims to increase the cultural influence of their territories abroad.

The Castle of Chambord is one of the most emblematic and most visited cultural sites in France: like the Reggia di Venaria, it is a hunting estate, a masterpiece of landscape and architectural design and a cultural center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a member of the European Royal Residences Association (ARRE).

The Twinning Agreement, signed first in Chambord on 19 September 2015, was also officially signed at Venaria in the Church of St. Hubert on Saturday 17 October 2015.

The partnership consists of scientific exchanges, the organization of joint artistic and cultural events, joint participation in European projects, coordinated communication online and on the social media, exchanges of best practices, and mutually promotional activities. The twinning is also intended as a tribute to the centuries-long connection between Italy and France in the culture and the arts.