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The Garden, aerial view. Photo by Dario Fusaro

The Gardens

The Venaria Reale

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It is astounding to think that at the turn of the century the Gardens of Venaria were so badly damaged as to prevent even the perception of their original 17th-18th century layout.

The Gardens of the Reggia, with their archeological remains and contemporary artworks, bring together ancient and modern charm. The views that open up far into the distance are unparalleled among Italian gardens for the majesty of the scenarios and the vastness of the surrounding natural scenery that extends from the thick forests of the Park of La Mandria to the mountain peaks of the Alps.

The young Gardens of Venaria were inaugurated in 2007 and - like a teenager entering a crucial phase of life - their distinctive features are starting to show in their layout as nature evolves over time, offering a unique example of historical gardens in Europe. A tour of the Gardens is full of surprises, even if you have been here before.

Visitors coming to the Gardens for a stroll or a thematic guided tour can also participate in the activities that are organised regularly in the Gardens (see online calendar).

Diana’s Arrow, a trackless train, takes visitors across the Lower Park and its evocative natural settings, all the way to the remains of the Temple of Diana.

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It is recommended to book and buy in advance:
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