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Audio guide

Audio guides are available for children and adults.

Reggia & Gardens

Language: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Where: Visitors Desk of the Reggia

Audiopen and leaflet: 4 euros – Discounted for holders of “Tutto in una Reggia" ticket and schools (groups of min. 12 students): 3 euros 

There is a new way to visit the Reggia di Venaria: using the Audiopen by Sycomore Italia.

The Audiopen is a user-friendly and innovative audio guide that uses optical reading technology to provide audio commentary by pointing it at a written document. Thanks its advanced characteristics the Audiopen functions both indoors and outdoors.

To use the Audiopen simply point it at a leaflet and, as if by magic, a voice will help you choose the commentary you are most interested in: from the "short tour" with a "must-see" list to a more in-depth experience, to hear anecdotes and curious stories on the Court of Savoy.


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