The complex | La Venaria Reale

The complex

The Venaria Reale estate is an environmental and architectural complex of extraordinary charm. These boundless, varied, and spectacular spaces create magical atmospheres where visitors can indulge in the pursuit of an array of cultural and leisure activities.

Live performances, special events, concerts and art shows go hand in hand with direct, intimate contact with nature, relaxation, entertainment, sports and pastimes, and gastronomic delights.

La Venaria Reale is the old town centre that witnessed major historical events. It is the imposing Baroque Reggia which, together with the Gardens, is one of the most remarkable examples of 17th and 18th century architecture and art. It is the Park of La Mandria, one of the largest natural preserves in Europe, home to a wealth of wild and domestic animal species and the site of several historical and architectural gems, including the International Horse Centre.

The renewed splendor and superb quality of the restored Reggia, the immensity and beauty of the Gardens, and the natural scenery of the Park provide endless opportunities to explore new sensations and to make new experiences, according to a modern concept of taste, leisure and the art of living that is available to all.

The Reggia di Venaria Reale and the Royal Residence of La Mandria have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.



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