The Conservation and Restoration Center | La Venaria Reale

The Conservation and Restoration Center

The building that once housed the Stables of the Reggia, covering a surface of almost 8,000 sq.m., is home since 2005 to the Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Centre "La Venaria Reale", the third most important such centre in Italy after Rome and Florence.

Il Centro di Conservazione e Restauro


The Regional Government spent more than 13 million euros (own funds and EU funds confounded) to restore the building. Additionally, the Ministry for the Economy contributed 400,000 euros to purchase equipment and to furnish the facility. The Regional Government also purchased the nearby La Marmora riding track for around 500,000 euros: this area will be restored and then handed over to the Center to host the Stones and Metals Laboratory.

The Center is managed by a non-profit Foundation established by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Activities, Regione Piemonte, the University of Turin, Fondazione per l’Arte of the Compagnia di San Paolo, and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino. Other members have joined the original five founders, including the Turin Polytechnic, the Provincial Authority and the City of Turin, and the Town of Venaria Reale.

The Center is home to a restoration laboratory organized into specialized workshops, where restoration and conservation activities are carried out for the Founders of the Center as well as other public and private parties. The Center also runs five scientific laboratories to run diagnostic tests and to provide technical and scientific assistance on conservation and restoration projects.

The Center is also home to the School of Specialist Training and Studies for the training of highly qualified specialist restorers.
The school has started the first University Degree Course in Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Heritage and it collaborates with the Central Restoration Institute (Istituto Centrale del Restauro), Opificio delle Pietre dure in Florence, and the Book Conservation Institute (Istituto Centrale per la Patologia del Libro).

The Center also encourages research and training, seeking to increase employment opportunities for professionals who work in cultural and environmental heritage management and maintenance at national and international level.


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