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Anaphora by Giuseppe Penone

Permanent Exhibitions

From July 5, 2019 in the lower Park of Reggia di Venaria

A new installation by Master Giuseppe Penone in the seven caves of Muro Castellamontiano.

Master Giuseppe Penone has completed his Garden of Fluid Sculptures with a new installation in the seven caves of the great Muro Castellamontiano.

Works have been installed within discreet spaces, like half-closed secrets; they can be admired by walking under the terraces, along the retaining wall and the caves follow one another along the brick wall that delimits the lower garden.

By giving this work the title of Anafora, from the Greek àναφορά, anaphorá, from aná, “again”, and phéro, “I carry”, the artist points to a repetition to emphasize a concept or a reality.

The seven caves in which the new marble works are placed accompany the visitors’ walk. One after the other, the works are linked to the garden by an inscription. Each one of the seven sculptures comprises two blocks of Zebrino marble overlaid like row of books.

The inscriptions engraved on the marble can be read separately or in succession, as they form a short text: from the caves, they overlook the great works that make up the 2007 Garden of Fluid Sculptures, another creation by Giuseppe Penone, and testify, emphasize and repeat the contents of the previous work.

The ensemble puts at the center of the experience reflections on the relationship between man and nature that the garden represents.

Muro Castellamontiano Caves in the lower Park
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