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Play. A year of amusement

In 2022, the Reggia di Venaria presents events, initiatives and ideas for a year dedicated to amusement.

The exhibitions and cultural activities of 2022 revolve around the theme of play, not only for the historical references contained inside the Reggia – the place of leisure, entertainment and playful moments of the sovereigns par excellence – but also with a view to focusing on the present time and everyone's desire to treat themselves to moments of lightheartedness. 

Play, in its many forms, is the leitmotif of the cultural programme that offers a calendar of activities dedicated to this theme: art events and entertainment, three exhibitions focusing on amusement, workshops for families, educational initiatives, guided tours and events fostering discovery and reflection with insights and conferences.

The entire Venaria Reale estate is immersed in a playful atmosphere, including the Reggia, the Gardens, the city of Venaria Reale with its Old Town, the nearby Park of La Mandria and the castle with the same name.

The exhibitions

Events focusing on amusement

Starting in spring and continuing throughout the summer, the events organised by Venaria Reale revolving around the theme of play will let visitors participate in the series of Game Sundays – beginning on 17 April – as well as in other key moments and reviews taking place in the Gardens such as the Street Magic World Championship from 2 to 6 June and Summer Nights at the Reggia, from 22 July to 13 August, with concerts, theatre and circus performances in the Gardens. 

The project Reggia! Everybody is free will present from 10 September to 15 October series of story readings and playful lessons by writer Giuseppe Culicchia. The series consists of six events during which well-known Italian writers will talk about playful books and their authors while inviting everybody to (re)read the great classics of literature.

Other scheduled events

More initiatives are scheduled throughout the year, including the enchanting 2022 Corollaria Flower Exhibition, a series of sporting events including the Corsa da Re (The Royal Run) marathon, the Competition of Traditional Combined Driving, the return of the Venaria Reale Grand Ball and the Christmas evenings at the Reggia.

For updates and more information on the programme, visit the Calendar section of the website.


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