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Dolce Stil Novo Restaurant

Dolce Stil Novo Restaurant

Haute Cuisine. Open from Wednesday to Sunday at lunch (reservations required).

Ristorante Dolce Stil Novo

Curtain up on "Dolce Stil Novo".
For a royal treat at the Reggia.

The Reggia di Venaria is home to one of Italy’s most renowned restaurants: Dolce Stil Novo, for years among the best restaurants in gourmet guides, that was awarded one Michelin star by the famous gastronomic guide. The restaurant is owned and managed by the internationally acclaimed chef Alfredo Russo.

The restaurant’s opening marked a significant step towards the rebirth of La Venaria: here culture and the art of cooking meet and celebrate the great tradition of banquets at Court. In the “new” Reggia, Dolce Still Novo is the ultimate stop for gourmets: if you are visiting the Reggia or you are simply looking for a glorious meal, don’t miss the chance to experience a genuinely royal treat.

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the South-West Tower by Michelangelo Garove based on the French Padillon-système . Three centuries ago this portion of the Palace housed the apartments of the "Fame" , the ladies-in-waiting attending to the needs of the Savoy princesses. After a painstaking restoration curated by the Authority for the Architectural Heritage and the Landscape for Piedmont (Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e per il Paesaggio del Piemonte), headed by Francesco Pernice, this part of the Reggia was refurbished by architects Max and Lella Vignelli, who strived to fully preserve the exceptional historical and artistic value of this place. The concept, developed by Carlo and Aurora Fucini, is a "timeless" 18 th century adjusted to meet today's taste, updating shapes and lines into a striking unadorned simplicity enhanced by nuanced references to 18 th century neoclassicism.

The same philosophy is embraced by Alfredo Russo in his cuisine: his approach, while solidly rooted in the Italian tradition, is innovative and very personal. Every dish reflects this style and aims to evoke a sort of collective memory of taste, functioning as a modern-day Proustian madeleine.

The restaurant's ambience follows the same lines: when sitting at the table, fully aware of the exceptionality of this setting, you will not feel intimidated but rather fascinated by this unique experience, a gastronomic and cultural whole where the context and the cuisine merge into one.

The restaurant further strengthens Venaria's identity as a place of culture and leisure, a celebration of dreams and beauty: the boundless gardens, the imposing architecture, the collections and the exhibitions, and the extraordinary dishes created by Alfredo Russo.

Pictures of the dishes from: Da Idea. La cucina di Alfredo Russo, 2007 Accolade, Torino


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