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Green Art in the Gardens of the Reggia

Venaria Green Art

Festival in the Gardens of the Reggia

From 13 May to 13 October

Venaria Green Art is a tribute to nature and to the Gardens of the Reggia of Venaria.

Venaria Green Art is the new art festival in the Gardens of the Reggia of Venaria, created to pursue the path of inclusion of art installations in the Gardens and designed to focus on the relationship between man, architecture and nature.

9 Italian and international artists are called upon to use plant material taken on site and shaped by the artistic genius to represent a further key to the dialogue between the architecture of the compound and the magnificence of the Gardens, giving life to the waste parts that nature creates.

With the utmost respect for nature, the artists create and present their works, working in the framework of the Gardens, expressing themselves in a great project of landscape enhancement, capable of exalting its lines, characters and forms through the use of natural elements now dried up but revitalised by a new soul.

Discover the artists, their projects and their locations inside the Gardens of the Reggia (pdf)

Curated by Alessia Bellone and Cecilia Serafino.

Gardens of the Reggia di Venaria
Monday, 13 May 2024 to Sunday, 13 October 2024

The festival is included in all types of entrance tickets to the Reggia.


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