The Old Town Center | La Venaria Reale
The Old Town Center

The Old Town Center

The village of Venaria was originally conceived in the mid-17th century as an integral part of Amedeo di Castellamonte’s project for the estate as a whole. Today the old center of this town provides a marvelous walk to approach the Reggia in a crescendo of wonder.

Il Borgo Antico in una stampa del '600

The Old Town Center

The plan of the ancient village was based on the shape of the Collar of the Annunziata, the highest decoration bestowed by the House of Savoy. In place of the collar’s medallion, Castellamonte designed a round square decorated by twin churches on the sides. The square is dedicated to the Santissima Annunziata (the Most Holy Annunciation).

Conceived as a smaller court facing towards the façade of the Palace, the 17th century village once opened the ceremonial route leading visitors to the Court of Honor and the Hall of Diana.

Today this old part of the town of Venaria has resumed its original function and welcomes visitors with its ancient architecture, prospective views and royal heritage.


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